Student Mattress

Bravo Student Mattresses

At bravo, we understand that high performance in school starts with well-rested nights, so we have carefully designed our student mattress collection with support and comfort features to help you sleep better.

Quality & Durability

These products are engineered with quality high-density foam and support that stands the test of time. Our premium collection comes with 4-year warranties.

Maximum Comfort

All of our products are carefully engineered and optimized to provide you maximum comfort so that you enjoy an amazing sleeping experience.


Our mattresses are designed to be compatible with most bed frames and foundations.


₦3,820 – ₦10,240

Weight: 70KG

We have made our student mattresses very affordable so ensure that your infant stays healthy and gets the rest they need by sending them to school with a quality Bravo mattress. These mattresses are also suitable for single sleepers.

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