Unlock the real feel of superior and exceptional quality sleep experience with our Bravo Luxe mattress collections and sleep comfortably like the king or queen you are. Our Luxe collections are carefully engineered to bring you supreme luxury and adequate comfort that perfectly matches your sleep style. Move on the comfortable side of life with BravoLuxe.

Targeted Support

Made with high-density foams suitable for sleepers of any size and weight that are equipped with additional support layer that works to minimize motion transfer and sleep disturbance, so you remain comfortable throughout the night.

Cool Sleeping

The high-quality quilted mattress cover resists body impressions and provides optimum cooling comfort during sleep.

Maximum Comfort

Carefully engineered and optimized to provide you with maximum comfort so that you enjoy an amazing sleeping experience.

Quality and Durability

These products are engineered with quality high-density foam and support that stands the test of time. The minimum warranty for our Luxe collection is 7 years.


Weight: 130KG


Weight: All weights

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